CBD flower can last for six months or more when stored properly

The Best Way to Store Your Hemp Flower: Four Simple Steps

Congratulations! You’ve purchased CBD hemp flower which looks and smells amazing! 

Store it right and your hemp flower can last for six months or more. Use an old fashioned Ziploc bag and your hemp flower risks getting mold or mildew. At the very least you will have to toss your hemp flower. At worst, smoking moldy hemp flower can make you sick.

Four Steps for Storing Hemp

Optimum storage conditions include temperature and humidity control, an airtight container and limiting the amount of UV light to preserve your CBD hemp flower’s potency, flavor and effectiveness.

  1. Lower Temperatures: High-quality CBD hemp flower is dried and cured to prevent excess moisture from compromising the flower’s quality. Temperatures below 70º Fahrenheit maintain quality and reduce the conditions for mold and mildew. Too high a temperature risks drying out your bud.
  2. Terpene Shield: For your hemp flower the aroma, flavor and effectiveness are critical to your experience and that is largely controlled by the terpenes. To protect the terpenes from too much or too little humidity, we trust Boveda, the original terpene shield. Boveda 2-way humidity control creates a monolayer shield of purified water over the trichome in your hemp to protect the terpenes from evaporation outside the ideal relative humidity levels of 55% – 65% to ensure you have a full terpene experience. 
  3. Airtight storage containers: In order to maintain humidity and oxygen,  store your hemp flower in mason jars or airtight  containers like the Boveda CVault, which is made of food grade stainless steel and impenetrable to light.
  4. Limit UV light: Exposure to light is the biggest culprit when it comes to aging hemp flower. UV light can cause hemp flower to lose both its effectiveness and potency. Keep your CBD hemp flower in a cool, dark place or container.

Signs Your CBD Hemp Flower Has Not Been Properly Stored

  • Loss of color: If your CBD hemp flower has lost color or has patches of dark discoloration bordered by fuzzy white outlines then it most likely has not been properly stored and is not safe to use. Not only is the effectiveness and potency possibly compromised, but it may contain mold and/or mildew that can be harmful.
  • Change of scent: If your CBD hemp flower has suddenly developed an unappealing or different scent, it has most likely not been stored properly. This is often due to excess moisture and leads to the development of mold and/or mildew. Consuming this CBD hemp can be dangerous to the user’s overall health.
  • Visible mold or mildew: If your CBD hemp flower has developed a loss or change of color and/or a change of scent then check for mold or mildew. Consuming CBD hemp with mold or mildew can be dangerous. It should be disposed of immediately. It is nearly impossible to tell whether or not leaves without obvious signs of mold or mildew damage also contain these contaminants, and therefore, the entire nugget should be disposed of properly.
  • Coating of terpenes on storage containers: If you notice there is a coating of the trichomes – the oils in the flower that maintain the effectiveness and potency of CBD – on the inside of the storage container, you may be improperly storing your CBD hemp flower. This often happens when the flower is stored in plastic bags rather than airtight containers, like the Boveda CVault or mason jars. 

At Scotch Valley Ranch, we provide CBD hemp flower in large quantities – up to a 1/4 pound. We also sell CBD flower jars that can properly store your hemp and keep it fresh. For CBD retailers, we provide wholesale CBD hemp flower opportunities.

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