Umpqua hemp flower organically grown outdoors in upstate New York Scotch Valley Ranch Hemp

Umpqua Jars


With an Indian name that means either satisfied or thundering waters, Umpua will transport you to a special place of serenity. Umpua CBD Hemp Flower is covered with trichomes, light green with orange pistols, and light yellow hues. The Umpqua hemp strain has a dense complex flower structure. Shop online at Scotch Valley Ranch Hemp to buy Umpqua hemp strain online, ranging in size from 1 gram to 1/4 pound – or learn more about our wholesale CBD hemp flower opportunities.

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CBD Content

14.09% CBD & .11% THC

Flavor Profile

Citrus, pine, peaches, lemon

Bud Description

Trichome covere with light greens with orange pistils. light yellow hues. A dense complex flower structure.