Scotch Valley Ranch
CBD Hemp Flowers 
Certified-Pure   Family-Owned

Welcome to Scotch Valley Ranch–where pure CBD flowers grow.

We are proud to introduce the best hemp flower for CBD which thrives on our farm near the village of Hobart in Delaware county located in the spectacular Catskill Mountain range in New York State. 

Our experienced team consists of a hard-working farmer/master-builder, a super grower, two very organized growers and ten hearty farm hands who work together every day to hand tend the purest, small-batch CBD flower possible. 

Scotch Valley Ranch was established in Delaware County in 1993. Originally the land was cultivated as pastures for animals to feed and more recently as nitrogen-rich fields of grass to produce hay. 

As a result the Scotch Valley Ranch soil is extremely healthy, rich  and unpolluted. Nothing artificial has ever been added to our dirt! Only the sun, fresh air and water have contributed to produce our very pure hemp flower.

With the CBD extracted from our hemp flowers, we will make our own salves and tinctures. We will continue  developing new hemp products as we discover just how versatile hemp can be.

We are also teaching new skills to the local citizens of Delaware County which allow more people to stay in the community.

We are committed to the land, to the no-waste movement and to promoting a healthy natural environment.