Our Farm’s Commitment to Your Wellness

Why Should You Choose SVR CBD Flowers

Over the last several months the media (The New York Times, for example) has been publishing articles about CBD and whether it has any benefits. The NY Times latest article was in a special section on “wellness” and did not provide many examples of CBD in a positive light.

Since CBD has become so popular (it is predicted to be a $16 billion industry) many companies and individuals have jumped on the bandwagon and produced CBD products that do not have enough CBD to actually have any effects on the cannabinoid system. 

The cannabinoid system was ‘discovered” in the 1980s & 1990s and there have not been enough scientific studies to prove whether CBD works or not. There are many examples of individuals who claim that CBD helps them sleep better, relieves some of their anxiety and/or depression or reduces pain in sore joints–enough to tell other friends and family to try it.

SVR’s CBD flowers are grown in the purest soil, the cleanest air and without artificial additives. The sun and water work their magic and the SVR CBD flowers are as pure as possible. SVR adds ‘kombucha,” pure earth worm castings, and microbes fungus.The cannabis plants are “supergreen and healthy.”

The pharmaceutical industry is also not happy with CBD since it is something that comes from the cannabis sativa plant which can be grown by a farmer, a person with a green thumb or a company with indoor growing facilities.