4 tips for storing CBD

How to Store Your CBD: Four Simple Tips

Keeping your CBD products fresh is easy to do when you follow the four steps below. Everything starts with rich soil, clean air, and pure water to grow the best CBD hemp flower. Our flower becomes the foundation for a range of CBD products produced in GMP-certified, FDA-registered, and ISO-certified facilities.

1. Check Your Product Expiration Date

Usually, CBD has a shelf life of 12 to 24 months. Scotch Valley Ranch’s tinctures and creams have an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle or jar.

2. Store CBD Away from Sunlight 

CBD-infused oil is sensitive to changes in oxygen, light, and temperature, making proper storage a must to preserve its potency and freshness. Any product which contains CBD, whether tinctures or flower, should be stored away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. We recommend keeping our products tightly sealed in their original packaging. Unnecessary exposure to air degrades potency.

3. Give Your Tinctures a Shake

Our tinctures are a mixture of CBD in MCT oil, botanicals, and vitamins, some of which come in powder form and can settle over time. With each use, it is best to give our NIGHT and DECOMPRESS tinctures a good shake.

4. When In Doubt Try the Sniff Test

While CBD oil does degrade over time, the typical shelf life should give you plenty of time to use up your Scotch Valley CBD tinctures, even if you only use it occasionally. If you come across a forgotten bottle of CBD oil, a quick look and sniff should tell you whether it’s past its prime.

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