Even dogs use CBD to relax

“Chilling” Over the Holidays: 10 Suggestions from Scotch Valley Ranch

Now that the holidays are upon us and COVID is spiking across the country, we are thinking of ways for you to relax and connect during this hectic period. CBD-rich hemp flower is a great way to get started on your chilling regime.

Go outside: walk, hike, bike, ski/snowboard if you have snow or swim if you are in a warm climate, walk your dog, take photos of nature & people.

Keep in touch with family and friends: use the phone in addition to the internet, write a card or even a letter, play board games together.

Volunteer: help out at soup kitchens, zoom visits with people who are alone or elderly, donate food, donate coats, buy gifts for those in need, send money to your favorite charity.

Make something: food, art, music or crafts, start and finish a puzzle.

Exercise at home: zoom classes, dance or try old-fashioned jumping jacks or running in place.

Read or listen: books, magazines, podcasts, audio books, dance & theater.

Travel: online or take a short road trip

Watch: TV, stream a classic movie, amuse yourself on TikTok, follow an artist on Instagram, learn how to play the guitar on YouTube

Renovate: paint a room, declutter a closet or refrigerator

Meditate, drink calming teas, use one of our tinctures: DE-COMPRESS for stress or NIGHT for sleep.  or CBD-rich hemp flower online. Find them at our farmers markets in Delhi, Hobart, Oneonta, NY and these stores: 

Delaware County, NY

Catskill Harvest in Andes

Tay Tea in Delhi 

Home Goods in Margaretville

Millerton, NY


Great Barrington, MA


Berkshire Food Coop

Brooklyn, NY

JaoBrand, on Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill

Exit 9 on Smith St., Boerum Hill

Little L’s, Atlantic Ave., Boerum Hill (pet tinctures)

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