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CBD in the Media and in Stores: A Six-Month Review

Over the last six months, the media has been following the rise of CBD in popularity. It has been a very steep curve with articles in old and new media. Breathless reports on-air. CBD stores popping up in urban areas as well as small towns.  CBD products are also offered in a wide range of venues from gas stations and bodegas to high-end department stores and “lifestyle” boutiques. (CBD can also be purchased on-line which we will not go into in this article.)

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart introduced CBD and THC products. Kim Kardashian is literally “obsessed with CBD everything.”. Before New York City prohibited CBD in edibles, stores were selling CBD-infused baked goods and you could get a dollop of CBD added to your latte at check out. 

CBD in the Media Recently: “Can CBD Do All That?”

In the last six months some of the mainstream magazines to highlight CBD include “Real Simple,” “O (Oprah’s magazine),” “Forbes” as well as “Harper’s Bazaar” although that article was more about CBD & THC.  The New York Times ran a magazine cover story titled “Can CBD Do All That?” Edible Magazine’s Brooklyn summer 2019 edition featured CBD Cocktails: “Dope or Nope?” Chronogram, an upstate NY culture magazine in the “art of business” wrote about hemp in “Weaving a New Crop, Hempfarm to Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley.” 

In a stand-alone magazine named “Discover Farm to Table,” an article highlights one of Scotch Valley Ranch’s partners, Sky Farm: “ A Lettuce Grower tries His Hand at Growing Hemp.”

The New York Times wrote about “A CBD-Infused Evening” in their Sunday Style Section (09/15/19): Claudia Mata Gladish, a recent transplant from New York to Marin County, California, started a wellness brand with CBD body spray, lip balm and pain-relief lotion. When she introduced her face-care line she served fresh food and CBD-infused cocktails.

CBD: Coming to a Bookstore Near You 

A number of new books are in bookstores as well as gift shops: 

Cannabis & CBD for Health & Wellness by Aliza Sherman and Dr. Junella Chin, (2019)

The ABC’s of CBD, The Essential Guide by Shira Adler forward by Dr. Lynn Parodneck (2018)

The CBD Kitchen, Over 50 plant-based recipes for tonics, easy meals, treats &  skincare made with the goodness extracted from hemp by Leah Vanderveldt

“Marijuana” — a single subject history magazine published by “People”   
 (11/15/19)“Marijuana” — a single subject history magazine published by People Magazine.   

There is also a “Goldleaf CBD Jotter” which is a small booklet to help you keep track of the CBD products you tried, the dosage and your experience.

Newer high-end online magazines such as “Gossamer” and “Broccoli” cover the world of cannabis. There is also a stand-alone magazine on one topic at a time called CLOG. The latest issue is about “Cannabis” which has an interview with Scotch Valley Ranch’s very own farmer/entrepreneur, John Houshmand, which includes a number of color and black and white photos taken around Scotch Valley Ranch’s farm plus an article, “How Hemp Can Help Heal Our Planet, If We Let It,”  by Scotch Valley Ranch’s consultant David Becker. 

It will be interesting to see what the next six months will bring!

Scotch Valley Ranch is a hemp farm located in Hobart, NY, and sell CBD Hemp Flower products online. Learn more about us.

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