Yoga and CBD benefits

CBD & Yoga Benefits: Reasons to Try Yoga & CBD

CBD & Yoga: A Body-Mind Win Win

The practice of yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago and has spread throughout the world,  first through yogis and ascetics. Yoga covers a wide range of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which all help people become more grounded in their bodies and more centered in their minds. When we practice yoga, we allow movement and breathing to improve the circulation of nutrients throughout the body and relax the nervous system which both help in the release of emotional and physical tension. 

Yoga can help people feel at home in their body and the way the mind and body are connected.  By practicing breathing and body alignment, yoga can provide deep relaxation. Yoga classes, whether in person or online, can also help with feeling a sense of community.

Kitty of Secret Stash Yoga

“When you pair CBD with yoga,” Kitty of Secret Stash Yoga said, “you may feel even more relaxed and at peace. In addition, CBD may aid in pain relief,  the reduction of inflammation, and the easing of anxiety.  There is significant overlap between the effects of yoga and CBD. (Learn more about CBD here.)

When Should You Take CBD: Before or after Yoga?

The easiest yoga requires the body to be flexible and supple. You need to be in good balance and aware of the body’s position. Also, stretching the body has been shown to activate the endocannabinoid (a system that the body uses to maintain homeostasis) receptors in the muscles and connective tissue which allows for more CBD engagement.

Kitty of Secret Stash Yoga suggests: “Every person’s body is different and your choice on when to take CBD should be based on the experience you have with CBD. Taking CBD before yoga could help with circulation and inflammation which would result in more ease with your yoga poses. Taking CBD after yoga could help with recovery, especially if you are practicing a more strenuous style of yoga. CBD can also help to prolong the good feelings you have after yoga.”

When you find the right amount of CBD, whether in a tincture, tea or salve, be consistent over a time period and increase the dosage slowly if you feel it would be helpful.  CBD users have reported feeling more focused and intuitive. You may only need a few milligrams of CBD per day.

In conclusion, pairing CBD with yoga is a win-win for your body and mind!


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